Keynote Talks

Prof. Dr. Pier Paolo Civalleri of Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.

Prof. H.J. Carlin as a researcher, as an educator, as a father and as a philosopher

Opening session is devoted to Memory of H.J. Carlin of Cornell University who passed away on February 9, 2009.

H.J. Carlin was one of the great names in the development of modern design tools to construct active and passive microwave circuits know as Real Frequency Technique (RFT) . He was one of the leading names together with D.C Youla and L.J. Castriota who made scattering parameters available to microwave engineers. He came up with explicit formulas to design step line filters employing commensurate transmission line as unit elements. He also had significant contributions to dispersion problem for generation Soliton waves in fiber optic lines. It should be mentioned that Prof. Civalleri is the co-author of the book titled Wideband Circuit design of CRC, 1997 for which Prof. H.J. Carlin is the principal author.


Prof. Dr. Siddik Yarman of Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

Real Frequency Techniques to design Ultra Wideband Circuits

Prof. Dr.  Siddik Yarman, who was a former Ph.D Student of H.J Carlin at Cornell University (1981), will cover the Real Frequency Techniques to design broadband matching networks as well as microwave amplifiers giving emphasis on current state of the art problems. In his talk, Prof. Yarman will summarize his new book titled Design of Ultra Wideband Power Transfer Networks via Real Frequency Techniques by John Wiley April 2010. Several real life solutions such as an ultra wideband filter from 100 MHz to 2.1 GHz with discrete components, ultra wideband microwave amplifier chip from 10 GHz to 22 GHz, A broadband matching network for a piezoelectric transducer T1350 , A broadband antenna matching network for an HF monopole antenna, will be presented. His book can be reached at